Product of the Week - Choc Chicks Quinoa Pops

It’s hard not to sell us anything simply by coating it in chocolate. We live by the motto that everything tastes better covered in chocolate. But what about quinoa? Well we can confirm that yes, even crispy puffed quinoa tastes pretty good coated in the stuff. Whilst on our pre-train snack trawl at Sourced Market in St Pancras Station (yes, we spend a good part of our day snacking and waiting for trains) we found Choc Chick’s Quinoa Pops, a much more virtuous and much less sickly Malteser. The pops are made with crispy puffed quinoa covered in a layer of organic and ethical raw chocolate. We enjoyed the earthy crispiness of the quinoa, and the chocolate coating was the perfect balance of sweet and bitterness that you get with a good quality cacao. Raw chocolate, in case you didn’t know, is packed full of nutrients, antioxidants and full of minerals like magnesium–what some like to call a ‘superfood’. We just like to call it good food and are pleased that we had the foresight to buy two bags.

Choc Chick’s raw cacao is ethically sourced directly from cooperatives in Ecuador and all products are made using non-GMO ingredients, use natural sweeteners, are palm oil-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Other products include their Raw Cacao Powder, Plantain Bites, Cacao Nibbles, Cacao Butter, chocolate making kits and a range of hot chocolate blends. Check their website to buy online.