Product of the Week: Method Cleaning Products

Nothing says satisfaction quite like walking into a sparkling clean kitchen. A clean bathroom is also up there in the satisfaction stakes, but we probably spend most of our time in the kitchen– cooking, entertaining, dancing and pottering, which means it doesn’t stay clean for long. But when it’s time to clear up the spills and splatters, we’ve been using Method UK’s plant-based, eco-friendly cleaning products.

We recently made the switch as we’re conscious of the damage that the traditional chemical-laden cleaning products have on the environment so we’ve gone for non-toxic alternatives. We’ve tried a few different brands but we love Method’s particularly for tackling kitchen clear up as well the rest of the house, but also because the plant-based ingredients make them smell amazing! The Pink Pomelo Multi-Surface Cleaner, Sunny Citrus Anti-Bac Kitchen Cleaner and Clementine Daily Kitchen Cleaner all smell good enough to eat. If we haven’t already severed you enough excitement with our cleaning product chat, there is more, Method have just collaborated with Hackney-based artist Morag Myerscough to design limited edition packaging, which means you’ll not only want to clean with these products by leave them out to be admired.