Product of the Week: Spare Snacks Crisps

Wonky veg are thankfully having their day! They are taking their place on supermarket shelves, in your veg boxes and even your snacks, thanks to Spare Snacks Crisps. Spare Snacks are on a mission to create crisps that are tasty, good for you and good for producers and it makes sense. If the produce is oddly shaped, freckled or the wrong colour, once they are made into crisps, it’s only the taste that matters. The crisps are air-dried instead of fried and come in six flavours; Beetroot and Apple Cider Vinegar, Beetroot, Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Pear and Pear Ginger. And the whole fruit, skins and seeds and all, are left to provide an extra bit of fiber, as well, one pack is one of your five a day.

We tried three of the six flavours and we even put them to our Veggie Option mini taste test panel after we’d first sampled a few. We found that while they were nice and crisp initially (almost shatteringly so, especially in case of the beetroot crisps), they went quite chewy once in the mouth. The addition of vinegar to the beetroot crisps provided a subtle sourness that complimented the sweetness of the crisps, but we thought a bit of sea salt would have helped these feel like a more interesting and better for you version of salt & vinegar crisps, as well as rounding the flavour combo of the beetroot and vinegar. The apple crisps were perhaps our least favourite as the cinnamon overpowered slightly as did a slightly citrus taste. We liked the pear crisps most, as these were were deliciously flavourful and sweet and we liked having the whole pear, seeds and all in the pack. Our mini taste testers loved all three flavours, even the beetroot, and happily snaffled the remains of all three bags without uttering a word of a complaint!


So if you fancy a doing good and good for you crisp, packed with fibre and don’t mind picking a bit of debris out of your teeth (we really didn’t mind too much) in between mouthfuls, then give these a try. Check their website to shop online.