The Beyond Burger Launches in the UK

Exciting things happening for vegans in the UK! The plant-based tech company from LA, Beyond Meat just launched its 100% vegan burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef. The Beyond Burger is made from simple plant-based ingredients, applied in fresh ways. Peas provide the protein. Trace amounts of beet lend a beefy red colour. Coconut oil and potato starch ensure mouth-watering juiciness and chew. The result is an unsurprisingly delicious veggie burger, made directly from plants. Available now in Honest Burgers at Kings Cross and at Tesco’s from August, this one is for our meat-eater friends as we hardly crave for a beefy burger. But REALLY, if it tastes this meaty without harming animals, why wouldn’t you!

Photo: The Beyond Burger