Why Everyone Should Read The Preserve Journal

Sustainability is very much at the heart of what we do. And we love making contacts with people who are also passionate about it too. Recently, Instagram helped us cross paths with the team behind The Preserve Journal, a new independent magazine focused on sustainability in the food industry, food system and our food culture. It features pieces on fermentation and other food preservation techniques, as well as the host of issues from the soil to our plate. Based in Denmark, hence the magazine’s tranquil Scandi look and feel, but it’s reach and appeal covers Europe (as do its contributors). The mag is not only filled with beautiful photography, but also thought-provoking articles from well known contributors in the food sustainability movement, such as David Zilber from Noma, as well as other chefs, activists and artists. If you’ve not yet come across them, we suggest you take a look. The Winter edition is out now and available to purchase the spring issue is available soon and you can also purchase a yearly subscription here. There’s much more exiciting stuff to come from these guys, so follow along!