Why Vegans Love Broadway Market!

It’s Saturday and we are in Broadway Market. It’s a prerequisite for us and most other East Londoners! The place is heaving and thriving with shoppers, kids are dancing in front of musicians, and we are taking it all in as we stroll along the road to discover the best plant-based choices this scene has to offer… Here is our guide to vegan and vegetarin friendly Broadway Market.



Climpson & Sons

The Baron, Broadway blend, The Field… These exquisite coffees all take their names from their parentage, the Hackney Borough of London, because Climpson & Sons have been roasting coffee since 2002.


L’Eau a La Bouche

The delicatessen of the neighbourhood. Every day you can find vegetarian salad options, olives from Spain, cheese from France, olive oil from Italy.


Noble Fine Liquor

When you are looking for accompaniment to your plant-based dinner party, Noble Fine Liquor has the perfect bottle for every course. They know what they’re talking about!


Pavilion Bakery

Croissants, pain au raisin and of course sourdough. Simple pleasures here done well.


The Dove

Meatless Mondays, Thai Tuesdays, and most importantly, Bloody Marys made with Guinness. These are just some of our favourite things about The Dove.


Artwords Bookshop

Books about plant-based cooking, better living, healthy thinking, magazines from around the world… A vert readable paradise for bookworms.


Saturday Market Picks

With so many stalls to choose from, here’s a veggie option approved short-list so can make the most of your Saturday at the market.

Whisky pickled Carrot, Za’tar pickled Cauliflowers, Tomato Chilli Jam and many more. Newton & Pott has a various collection of pickled vegetables. Some are a little too sour for our taste but, hey, each to their own!


A drink made from Caribbean hibiscus with red flowers? Roxy’s Sorrel makes it real.



A Broadway Market classic, Borough Olives is where you get your weekly dose of olives and tapenade. We fill our basket with Volos coriander and garlic olives, Italian green and Kalamata, as well as some pickled garlic with harissa.



Beefsteak Tomatoes, Isle of Wight Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Isle of Wight Green Tomato Chutney… At Tomato Stall, you’ll find the best of the crop!



YOKO is a homemade dog food brand, conscious about nutritional foods for dogs. They make spinach biscuits and even doggie carrot cakes so your beloved pooch can go vegan too!



Big V is as proudly vegan as we are! They have a seemingly endless variety of vegan burgers, so there’s something for every appetite. Serious market cruising requires energy right?!



Kitchen Provisions at Netil Market

All the delights of the market may bring out your inner Head Chef. If you’re inspired to whip up a veggie feast back at home, visit Kitchen Provisions to find the tools you need. These guys give you an edited list of the latest must-have kitchen equipment from around the world.


If all this wasn’t enough, East London Saturdays just got even better for plant-forward warriors, because now we have Broadway Vegan Market! Try some sushi burritos at Ima, vegan Kebap at Herbivorous, vegan Jamaican street food at Dee’s Table. Don’t forget to let us know your favourite new stalls at Broadway Vegan Market by tagging @veggieoption in your Instagram images!